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Who are we

Lolotte Rental and Tours Ltd (LRT) is a local tour operator who joined forces with WHL.travel in order to reach more people interested in the nature sights of Mauritius and Rodrigues Island and to provide real eco-tourism and related services to them.
The company has realised that today’s tourism gravitates towards wellness, culture and adventure. LRT aims to make visitors understand that the term “sustainable” does not only embrace nature, but also the cultural environment of tourism and the protection thereof.
The respect for nature and caring for the destination is the firm base of the company.
We want our travellers to truly experience the real Mauritius and will go out of our way to get them there. We are happy only after we have made you see, feel and touch Mauritius.
By educating the people on the islands about sustainability at the same time, LRT certainly creates a win/win situation.
LRT have personally met and befriended the nature-conscious owners of numerous accommodations among them some well known and selected guest houses with the aim of fostering eco, adventure and nature tourism.

Caring for our Destination

The staff at Domaine les Alizées respects the natural environment and always encourage guests to do the same. The complex includes a magnificent spa where guests can find true tranquillity, relaxation and rejuvenation to escape from the turmoil and pollutants of modern life. The on-site restaurant also uses fresh, local ingredients to produce healthy, delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Your hosts can also offer advice on how to enjoy activities in nature responsibly and sustainably. They will suggest guests take the opportunity to explore the island by bicycle when possible instead of driving to reduce pollution. The will also recommend that when engaging in activities like diving, you do so with reputable companies that care about the ocean and will ensure that you to leave the coral reef undamaged. Domaine les Alizées encourage guests to buy souvenirs like handicrafts from villagers, and locally sourced organic produce when buying groceries to reduce your carbon footprint.
This website is operated by LRT - an official booking partner of Domaine les Alizées.

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